• Job observations and recommendation

  • Visual management of performance

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Process alignment

  • Job segregation and clarity

  • Operational and Transactional Excellence; the Japanese 5S principles.

  • Facilitating Situational Problem Solving

We work with you, applying the best in practice tools, techniques and research. Most commonly applied is the five-step process improvement with DMAIC;


Document what you know, define the target customer; map the process flow, the parameters of improvement project and the project goals and targets


Define the tools and criteria that will measure the current performance of the business process in question


Analyse the data gathered in the previous step to ascertain the difference between the current process performance and the targeted performance. Identify variations.


Brainstorm further improvement opportunities. Document and implement an improvement Plan.


Monitor procedures regularly and review the improved process to ensure the new methods are working.

We work with you to ensure you get a return of investment through making your business processes lean, more effective, most cost efficient to enable maximum utilization as per the 4M analysis: Man, Machine, Material, and Method.

This package also includes an offer of train the trainer.